Caramelized Peppers and Onions

My own recipe

I’m sure I picked this recipe up from my family at some point, and I really love it. It is quite simple and very delicious. When done right, you’ll swear there was added sugar. It is best when made with good, sweet peppers.  Serve this with lots of good crusty bread to soak up the juicy oil.

2 Bell peppers (Red, Orange or Yellow)
2 Red Onions
½ C Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cut both the peppers and onions into wide strips (they will cook down, so don’t make them small). Choose a large skillet which has a lid. Add all the ingredients to the skillet and cook covered over medium-high heat. Stir occasionally. This is the only trick in the recipe. If the heat is too low, the onions will cook to mush before they caramelize. The lid is important or the juice from the peppers and onions will evaporate too much. It is ready when the peppers are soft and the onions have begun to turn in color.

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