Yesterday was the holiday of Midsommar.  In Sweden, the longest day of the year is celebrated not on the solstice, but on the closest Friday.  As with any good holiday, it is all about sharing good food and drink with friends and family.  Our friends Joseph, Carolina, Maria and Emilija all came over.  The Swedes led us in some traditional Midsommar songs… mostly about drinking.

My own Brännvin

My own Brännvin

Earlier in the week our neighbor, Sandra, took us to a little farm in the countryside which has both a nursery (of the plant variety) and a cafe.  There I found a variety of herb blends for flavoring brännvin (vodka).  I bought a packet of a fläder blend.  I found a plain brännvin, added the herbs and let it steep for three days.  It was ready just in time for our Midsommar dinner.  I filtered it into the lovely bottle that Sandra had bought us.

Midsommar Meal

Midsommar Meal

And of course there was lots of food.  I was at a conference until the early afternoon, and when I got home, I found that Sarah had gone crazy cooking.  She was baking a strawberry rhubarb pie with rhubarb from our garden.  She also made deviled eggs and blue-cheese stuffed celery.  Joseph brought homemade meat balls (which I hear were delicious).  Carolina baked fresh rolls and a wonderful rhubarb cake with elderflower cream.  Maria supplied freshly pickled herring and a wonderful quiche.  Emilija brought a delicious fava bean and mushroom salad, which went perfectly with the quiche.  In addition to all that, we had smoked and marinated salmon and new potatoes.


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